Electronic Art Days 2018

The CAECE and UNSAM universities call to participate in the JAE, Electronic Art Days 2018, sponsored by the Argentine Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, to be held:

Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 October 2018
CAECE University
Headquarters: Av. Mayo 866 CABA, Bs.As.
10 a 21 hs
Instagram: @jornadasjae
# JaeArg2018

Thematic of the meeting:

  • Art, Science & Technology
  • Art using electronic media
  • New technologies / New media
  • Creativity applied to the production of technology
  • Innovation
  • Intermediality


The objective of the conference is to offer a space for dissertation and interdisciplinary reflection based on the conjunction between art, science and technology, taken as a territory with its own identity, with art created by electronic means as a direct consequence that makes visible and reflects on various ways of this intermediary space, showing the historical context, sharing the vision and experiences with figures and actors of the aforementioned areas, presenting highlighted national and international projects and art works.


Prior to the conference, an open call is made calling the authors to present materials and projects related to the thematic axes.

Open Call JAE 2018
(June 10  to August 15)

The participation of the authors in the call is free.
Any type of author can be presented.
Apart from the art works, proposals related to the thematic are received for papers, workshops, and discussion tables.
The authors selected by the jury will participate with their projects on the online catalog of the JAE present throughout the full year and their works will receive coverage and media exposure, along with a certificate for having been selected.

Bases of the call

The call is directed to:

  • Authors: Artists, art collectives, national and international with work related to the thematic of the event
  • Researchers and teachers with related material
  • Curators
  • Entrepreneurs and startups: projects related to thematic
  • Companies with products or services related to thematic
  • Without age limits or nationality
  • Each author or group may submit a work at most in a given category
  • Only one work will be selected for each category
  • At the time of presentation of the proposals, the works must be completed
  • The works may have already been exhibited, but priority will be given to unpublished works.
  • The authors must provide everything necessary for the exhibition of the works.
  • The assembly and disassembly of the piece will be the responsibility of the author or person designated by him.
  • During the celebration of the days, the organization will have surveillance in place but is not responsible for any deterioration that the art works could suffer during its exhibition or transit.
  • The financing of the proposals must be paid by the authors themselves, whether freight, assembly or other expenses, is not contemplated.
  • The material presented may be used by the organization for promotional purposes
  • Participation in the call implies full acceptance of these bases and consent to use the materials presented.

Reception of proposals in the categories of:

  • Art Works (Electronic Art / New Media Art),
  • Instalations
  • Object / devices
  • Programming (creative coding)
  • Net Art
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented / mixed
  • Video Game
  • Robotics
  • Visuals:
    • static
    • animation
    • video / video art / video installation / video performance / immersive
    • video mapping (interior, on objects, exterior)
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Performance
  • Presentations: on related topics
  • Workshops
  • Products or services of companies, startups or entrepreneurs
  • Related research works

Presentation of proposals:

For authors from countries who can not appear in person at the event, video presentations will be accepted and a special category will be created as a separate mention.

The presentation will be made by mail, sending your proposal or art work with links where we can see it online,  presenting:

Brief description of the proposal
Category of the proposal,
Project to submit: links to the material
Abbreviated CV of the author
Requirements of time and space, power, etc.

Selection criteria

The call is focused on projects that use electronic media as support, analog or digital, giving priority to those who evidence the conjunction of art with science and technology, both for its production mechanisms, aesthetic proposal, or being the central theme of the work, for which the proposals in that sense will be valued, aside from their aesthetic innovation, originality and reflection on the means used.

It is not a contest or competition, there are no winners or losers, the jury makes an election based on a criterion defined by the JAE and draws up a curated selection of all submitted works. Unselected projects will be available for future editions.

Registration Forms:

The material to present (images, sound, video, etc.) must be previously stored on external online free network (youtube, soundcloud, flickr, etc), then you can paste those links in the registration form. First you must register on this website to receive the relevant communications, if you have not yet registered, you can do it here: Registration form on the web. Then, you can send your material using the same email:

Authors (artists, art collectives, speakers): send you work to

Questions or doubts

communicate to the contact form