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“Third World River” is an instrumental piece written by the music artist Serge Bulat.
Developed into a video art project in collaboration with the photographer and film director
Michael Rfdshir, it serves as a visual meditation on Bulat’s music.
The video was created from 4000+ photos and reflects track’s mood, atmosphere, dynamics, structure and sound, forming a continuous stream. The surface of objects, the light and the motion of matter, act as an equalizer for the sound.
Presented as an audio-visual experience, the project invites you into the world of self-discovery; and while you observe its minuscule events, you might catch your very own reflection.
“Third World River” – is a code name for coordinates on a fictional map. Place, where you can interact with one’s past or future and uncover life’s biggest questions. All will be answered, as long as you are opened to receive the signals.


Biography/About the collaboration:

Serge Bulat is a New York based music artist, who has been involved in music, radio, TV and theater productions over the last 10 years. Michael Rfdshir is a Vladivostok based visual artist who recently participated in various exhibitions in his native country of Russia. Although the two have never met in person, Bulat and Rfdshir found a unique way of collaborating via satellite, proving that there are no rules or boundaries applied in creating a piece of art. Distance and time have no value when two artists are determined to collaborate and explore.

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Directed, photography, writer: Michael Rfdshir
Music, story, writer, producer: Serge Bulat

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Queuelbum project presentation:

Hello and welcome to Queuelbum – a shifting realm of sound, visual art and philosophy; your ultimate race against time and limitations. The experience requires maximum involvement: challenge your imagination and be willing to break the rules of logic. Use your imagination – this is the only force that fuels evolution. Get ready for the journey!

Queuelbum is a 2-part experience LP by New York music artist Serge Bulat. The time-inspired album is an experiment in instrumental music, visuals, philosophy and conceptual art. Divided into chapters Q15 and Q25, – the parts sonically represent past and future, where centerpiece track is intersection of both.